Check out the lyrics: Why Slavic People try an excellent parody

Check out the lyrics: Why Slavic People try an excellent parody

Whenever TVP launched you to definitely Donatan and Cleo create play “My personal Slowianie” from the Eurovision, these were brief to indicate that the tune is not a joke. Its press release provided feedback from a recorded Polish social critic exactly who explained it “a very wise parody”. We’ve today take a look at lyrics so you’re able to “Slavic Females”, the new English-vocabulary version of the song, and we also have to concur. Donatan and you will Cleo was learn satirists, as well as their tune try a clever rebuke in order to xenophobes who want to save Poland within the a box.

The opening world of your own video clips reveals Donatan-sluggish and you may demonstrably oversexed-struggling to step out of sleep. Their antiquated mobile phone and you can outlying farmhouse smack away from a guy-actually, a country-behind the occasions. Brand new idea that Warsaw is actually stuck at nighttime ages continues on on video’s depiction of women, just who turn butter while you are people rates its results. Milk running down its cheeks and over its thrusting cleavage is not merely there to help you titilate. It performs into the going role of women in conventional area: getting angels regarding the home and you can wantons throughout the rooms.

In britain, where I am creating this article out of, Posts (and you can Romanians and Bulgarians and just about every other immigrant out-of Eastern European countries) are way too commonly illustrated as scroungers just who reach survive advantages. It is a sleepy story born regarding anxiety and you can xenophobia, and anger over Britain’s individual economic flaws. Actually, nowadays Posts have already been fleeing Britain and you will coming back family selecting greatest possibilities. Poland 2014 isn’t the Poland out of ten years back. Most of the world already knows of this: Businessweek has just discussed Poland since “Europe’s really active discount” and you will Poland is one of the state’s best the economical healing when you look at the East European countries.

You to definitely leaves another angle into Donatan and Cleo’s clever videos. It is advanced, colorful and you may better-choreographed. Additionally the song, brought to perfection, will get trapped in mind, it doesn’t matter if you may be into hip-jump or otherwise not.

Given all of that, the best message are a keen implicit one to. You cannot telephone call a nation backwards whether or not it produces something since the good that.

Donatan task. Cleo – Slavic Ladies lyrics

[Verse step one] The fresh new unique thing i’ve within family genes Makes us proud in our pure shapes Towards the our throat you have got that which you you desire

Cream and butter preferences delicious We prepare for your delicious dining Our very own beauty’s popular globally You’ve got to see it for yourself and after that you can ascertain…

[Chorus: Cleo] x2 Our company is Slavic lady We realize making use of our very own charming beauty Now, move exactly what your mummy provided, ya! Clap the hands to that particular sounds That is our character It is our name This can be all of our gorgeous Slavic bloodstream

Just clap both hands around and you can flow their overcome Clap your hands with us and you can have the overcome Clap your hands with our team and you may move your own pelvis Clap the hands with our team and you will have the beat

[Verse dos] Slavic people was sinful and also wise Consider this in the event Mesquite live escort reviews the your look for the only ‘Cause breathtaking lady lookup as the a meal Your top try them just before it is far too late Bring out a container to make this lady be more confident If not believe us we can make you sweet evidence The beauty are always take your breathe away We assist you cook while understand

[Chorus: Cleo] x2 The audience is Slavic lady We know utilizing our very own pleasant charm Today, move exactly what your mommy offered, ya! Clap your hands compared to that music This might be our nature This is our very own phone call This is certainly our very own beautiful Slavic bloodstream

Only clap both hands with us and disperse the defeat Clap both hands around and you can feel the overcome Clap the hands around and you will flow their pelvis Clap the hands around and you can have the beat

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