I compared rates off prospective activities in the sexting anywhere between males and you will people playing with Chi-square take to statistics

I compared rates off prospective activities in the sexting anywhere between males and you will people playing with Chi-square take to statistics

We held a diagnosis of the investigation having fun with Stata type several.step 1 to own Mac computer (StataCorp LP). I computed statistics to explain the study test. Adjusted logistic regression studies was utilized by themselves to possess boys and girls to explore potential things associated with the sexting.


More participants was lady (65.7%). The most used responses to possess “race” were: mestizo (48.8%) and you can Moreno (21.8%). Very participants went to a mixed intercourse (54.8%) public school (62.2%). Just over 20% of the test said stepping into sexting (Table step one).

A comparison out-of boys and girls (Dining table 2) showed that men engaged in more sexting than just lady (% compared to. %; chi = ; p = 0.000). Lady said high prices from mother or father dating sites Long Beach dissatisfaction for getting into gender (p = 0.000). Female in addition to reported highest prices out of adult rules on the sexting (p = 0.001). Guys claimed far more attacking in the past one year (p = 0.000).

Having fun with a beneficial multivariate means, for girls, being cyberbullied led to a greater likelihood of sexting (Or = 2.019; p = .022) given that did which have parents perception shorter poorly in regards to the respondent which have sexual affairs (Otherwise = step one.799; p = .000) (Dining table 3). To possess guys (Dining table cuatro), points associated with improved possibility for sexting provided delivering significantly more text message texts inside earlier in the day big date, moms and dads feeling smaller poorly in regards to the respondent with sexual relations (Or = 1.399; p = .014), and achieving become working in assaulting during the past one year (Or = step one.313; p = .003). Having parents which have laws in the giving otherwise getting sexual texts is actually also of this ple (Or = 0.519; p = .045).


The modern study records texting pricing in the Cusco similar to the individuals included in U.S. degree from teenager sexting, especially the Intercourse and you can Tech Questionnaire presented from the National Promotion to quit Teenager and you may Unplanned Pregnancy . Points with the sexting had been basically some other for women and you will boys. Points for girls ranged from becoming cyberbullied and parental views regarding adolescent intercourse, whenever you are things to possess males included assaulting, way too much texting, parental viewpoints out of adolescent sexual intercourse and you may adult regulations throughout the sexting.

Early in the day research has yielded blended results associated with this new impression out-of intercourse on the texting cost. The modern analysis receive a giant gender disparity from inside the sexting, with almost three times as numerous men sexting as compared to girls. You to definitely you’ll reason with the difference between men and women sexting rates is the forwarding conclusion one of adolescent males, who had been seen to be prone to submit photos gotten than people [ten, 14]. It doesn’t describe, but not, the brand new relatively large sex difference one of the most recent examination of Peruvian childhood and you may previous knowledge certainly U.S. young people. Investigating exactly how culturally-particular intercourse variations perception sexting habits deserves next study.

In keeping with earlier degree investigating correlates out-of risk practices having sexting , the current study located individuals who text message so much more, plus sext alot more . Inasmuch as girls and boys didn’t disagree inside study toward number of every single day messaging, the new discovering that boys’ hypertexting try associated with the high costs off sexting get connect with intercourse distinctions relating to the function of texting. Reid & Reid (2004) figured people play with texting mainly to help you enhance facts and they are comfy communicating to help you a team while girls’ entry to messaging is actually related way more so you’re able to dating-centered conversations. These types of people contend that to totally incorporate technology getting interacting, people want an increased understanding of the kind of your own community. Such as, have confidence in the latest receiver that he / she does not display brand new content with people. Highest cost regarding sexting certainly one of hypertexting boys inside research will get originate from boys’ full morale with having fun with texting to own connecting good style of information, together with those that might be intimately specific. And this, monitoring sexting and you will too much texting, otherwise hypertexting, may help moms and dads and advantages identify teenagers at stake and offer opportunities getting input. This basically means, intercourse differences in messaging appear to be just like those who work in other designs out of interaction, such as conversation and you may low-mediated writing. The concern, not, would be the fact boys’ communication patterns contain sigbificantly more intimately-oriented blogs and can even lead to a whole lot more sexual intercourse.

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